Palynology Short Talks

Palynology Short Talks - Gilda Lopes

Gilda Lopes, a researcher at CIMA, just presented in an international session some of the work she has been developing in the project PALEOCLIMOZ - Permian-Triassic palaeoclimatic cycles of the Karoo Supergroup in Mozambique and its implications on a changing world.
The talk is part of a series of short presentations in palynology organized by colleagues from the USA, China, Amsterdam, and England. Today's session had more than 80 viewers worldwide, and the presenters included also colleagues from the University of Queensland, The Smithsonian Institute, the University of Southampton, the British Geological Survey, and the University of Nagpur. These sessions occur online every month, and the talks will be available online on youtube in a few weeks. Just follow the blog at

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