Príscila Raquel Fernandes Costa Goela

Príscila Raquel Fernandes Costa Goela

Investigadora Auxiliar
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With a background in Chemistry, a Master in Water and Coastal Management and a PhD in Marine and Coastal Management (since 2016), Priscila Costa Goela has been scientifically involved in the fields of phytoplankton dynamics and water quality in coastal and marine waters in the Southwestern Coast of Portugal. She has focused her research on the study of bio-optical properties of the phytoplankton communities using instrumental analytical and chemotaxonomic methods, which has resulted in several peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. Technically, Priscila Goela has special interest in the application of instrumental analytical for the analysis of environmental samples, namely spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatography. She has been involved in several national and international projects in two main areas: European water quality policy (Water Framework Directive) and Validation of ocean colour remote sensing data (MERIS sensor on ENVISAT satellite), supported by recognized national and international institutions such as National Water Institute and European Space Agency, respectively. Presently, Priscila Costa Goela is a Researcher in CIMA - Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, in a contract funded by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, conducting her research on the study on the optical properties of Harmful Algal Blooms communities, and its relation with remote sensing signal. In parallel to research activities, Priscila Costa Goela is presently supervising several Master students and early research fellows in the main fields of remote sensing of ocean colour and the application of statistical methods to oceanographic data. Since the last academic year, Priscila Costa Goela is also collaborating in teaching activities in the University of Algarve, namely in the Module of Chemical Processes in the Ocean, lectured to the first year's students of the undergraduate Course of Marine and Coastal Management.   

Marine Bio-optics; Phytoplankton; Remote Sensing; Marine and Coastal Management; Water Quality

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