Margarida da Conceição Pereira Ramires

Margarida da Conceição Pereira Ramires

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Margarida da Conceição Pereira Ramires is, since 2021 until the present date, a Technician of CIMA at the University of Algarve. She supports 6 labs on CIMA Group with many tasks. She's responsible for the management of chemical waste and equipment requisition/maintenance. She helps doing reagents stock, in infrastructure problems, in secretariat... She helps in a lot of analyses with especial equipment, predominantly sedimentologic analysis. She´s the responsible technician of MasterSizer3000.

In the past, since 2001 until 2020, she has worked, most of time, in the sedimentology laboratory of CIMA, with a technical research grant. As a collaborator on many projects, Margarida has supported a lot of field work in topographic surveys with the GPS and Drone systems and was responsible for collecting sediment samples and processing them in the laboratory.

She has worked a large number of years in this area and because that she has an extensive experience in laboratory treatment of sediment samples, computer processing, geographic information systems and databases. As well she as a considerable experience in field work, obtaining sedimentological, topological, bathymetric data ...

Margarida enjoys her work essentially because her strong connection to the nature and sea. It is on beach that she spends the most of her summers.

A técnica tem como tarefas:
1- Gestão de resíduos e trabalho analítico;

2- Gestão de stocks e encomenda de consumíveis;

3- Gestão e manutenção de equipamentos;

4- Gestão de dados ou bases de dados;

5- Participação em campanhas e na recolha de dados de campo/mar;

6- Integração e articulação de tarefas com o Técnico Superior do CIMA.


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