New article in JGR: Earth Surface

New journal publication on aeolian dune morphodynamics

Kombiadou, K., Costas, S., & Roelvink, D. (2023). Exploring controls on coastal dune growth through a simplified model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 128, e2023JF007080.

Abstract: We employ Duna, a simplified 1D morphodynamic model, to assess the influence of dune morphology (height and slope) on sand transfer and deposition across the dune profile for different beach widths and wind incidence angles through idealized experiments. Simulations of real conditions show good model performance, both in wind flow reproduction and in topographic change along the dune profiles tested. The idealized experiments show that wind speed increases and sand accumulation decreases logarithmically with dune height and linearly with stoss slope along the dune profile. Fetch and cosine transport limiting parameters are reflected in the sand accumulated windwards from the toe, while sand transfer to the dune appears controlled by multiple factors; the higher the dune and/or the narrower the beach, the likelier that maximum accumulation occurs under oblique winds. Results point to two different types of evolution for high dunes. Either the vegetation is dense enough to maintain the stoss position, in which case vertical growth near-ceases and seaward progradation is promoted, or the stoss is eroded and landward retreat dominates, in which case sand transfer to the crest and lee continues as a mixture of low input from the beach and recycled sand from the stoss.

Recent publication

Recently published manuscript presenting a new modelling approach on beach and dune morphodynamic

Combined efforts from University of Algarve and IHE-Delft have resulted on the development of a new modelling approach that integrates aeolian and marine processes in 1D to understand how our beaches and dunes will adapt to future. This new solution has been published in the Journal of Environmental Modelling & Software, with the title “Coupling nearshore and aeolian processes: XBeach and duna process-based models”.