Early warning system for coastal risks induced by storms

EWCoast main goal is to develop, test, prove the concept and implement an operational coastal flooding and erosion early warning system (EWS) for sandy and armored coasts.

EWCoast Specific goals:

  • To access risk at coastal areas by integrating the modeled hazard with the exposure, using a semi-quantitative scale of potential impacts to elucidate about damages and risks associated to each storm;
  • To have a ready to use database of model results and potential impacts stored into a Bayesian Network that feeds the impact assessment;
  • To include the potential increase in storm impacts associated to sea-level rise and storminess changes;
  • To promote wide dissemination to scientists and the public of the achieved results


  1. Data gathering, acquisition, and analysis
    1. Data Collation
    2. Data acquisition
    3. Exposure data
    4. Data analysis and integration
  2. Model train development and validation
    1. Model train development
    2. Validation and test
  3. Model runs and Bayesian Network (BN) development
    1. BN design and build-up
    2. Model runs and BN training
    3. BN real case test
  4. Early Warning System build up and implementation
    1. Data Recording Module
    2. Sea-state Module
    3. Inundation / Erosion Module
    4. Early Warning and Decision-Support Module
  5. Dissemination
    1. Scientific dissemination
    2. End-user dissemination
    3. General public dissemination

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