University of Algarve

The University of Algarve is a Portuguese public higher education institution located in the southern region of Portugal, the Algarve, having three campi, Gambelas, Penha and Health, in Faro and another campus in Portimão.

With more than 6500 students, including more than 1150 postgraduate students, the University of Algarve has teaching and research as its core activities in different scientific areas: science and technology, management and economy, earth and marine sciences, social sciences and more recently health. The University of Algarve operates 70 graduate and 105 postgraduate programs (79 MsC and 26 Phd) counting with 735 permanent teaching and research staff that developed a significant number of research projects (187 R&D only) enhanced also by the research work produced by 112 fellowship grant holders demonstrating a clear commitment towards R&D and innovation.


The scientific groundwork of the University of Algarve is developed around four main areas (Sea, Health, Food and Well-Being, Arts and Heritage and Tourism) that aggregate all research work aiming that innovative ideas can be turned into products and services contributing to the excellence of the University of Algarve. The University of Algarve has well-established research centers in several fields such as marine sciences, bio-medicine, electronics, chemistry, arts and communication and social sciences.

Steered by international, inter-personal and inter-institutional networks, and projects developed in cooperation with other universities, the University of Algarve aims to update its learning contents and to foster innovation considering these synergies as an opportunity not only to contribute to its curriculum development but also to boost research project incubation pursuing the ultimate goal of higher education institutions: to reach academic expertise and to demonstrate excellence in research.

Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Algarve develops its activity in teaching, research and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of Ocean and Environment, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Pharmacy.


FCT task is to promote higher education supported in scientific research, developed in five Research Centres recognized nationally and internationally, thus ensuring the completion of various degrees of higher education in cutting-edge fields. In pursuing its objective of excellence, FCT has established partnerships enabling its students and teachers unique opportunities to access international exchange programs both in training and research. The know-how established in FCT combined with the dynamism of its members, also allows the transfer of knowledge and technology to society.


Research Centres

The main research centres on Marine Sciences and Technology at the University of Algarve are:

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Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (


Centre of Marine Sciences (


Technological Research Centre of the Algarve (