Óscar Ferreira is an Associate Professor at the University of Algarve holding a BSc and a MSc in Applied and Economic Geology and a PhD in Marine Sciences – Coastal Dynamics. He researches and teaches Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Risks and Coastal Management.  He is a member of the direction boards of CIMA and of the BSc in Marine and Coastal Management and he was the Head of both the PhD on Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences and the MSc on Marine and Coastal Systems. He participated in more than 40 national and international funded research projects, being coordinator of several national research projects and member of the coordination commissions of the EU funded projects MICORE and RiscKIT (FP7), devoted to risk analysis at coastal areas and assessment of risk reduction measures. He published more than 150 articles in international journals and supervised or co-supervised about 30 master thesis, 15 PhDs, 15 post-docs and more than 30 grant holders from funded projects.

Coastal dynamics; Coastal Hazards; Coastal Management; Marine Geology