Lilian Anne Krug

Lilian Anne Krug

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Oceanography BSc (UFPR, Brazil), Remote Sensing MSc (INPE, Brazil), Postgraduate in Observational Oceanography (BIOS, Bermuda) and PhD Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences (UAlg, Portugal). Lilian is the Scientific Coordinator of the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO), an international organization dedicated to the implementation of an international and integrated global ocean observing system, capacity development and ocean literacy.
Her research experience encompasses application of satellite data and models in coastal and oceanographic studies, with an emphasis on spatio-temporal analysis of ocean-atmosphere interaction and climate variability, as well as their impacts on marine and coastal ecosystems, especially on primary productivity.
Her teaching experience includes international and national training courses for undergraduate and graduate students in Portuguese and English on Observational Oceanography, Online Resources for ocean studies and Oceanographic Data Management.

Capacity Development; Observational Oceanography; Satellite Oceanography; Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction

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