Gilberto Dias de Alkimin

Project fellow
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Gilberto Dias de Alkimin (GDA) is biologist with PhD from University of Aveiro (Portugal) in the doctoral program in Biology and Ecology of Global Changes (2020). He works in the area of aquatic ecotoxicology (freshwater and marine environment), histology, histochemistry, ecotoxicological tests, cellular and biochemical analysis. The focus of his studies is metals and pharmaceutical effects in aquatic plants and animals and now he is going through the effects of nano and microplastics. As well as areas related to water treatment (phytoremediation and alternative materials). He has experience in education, with an emphasis on Environmental Education. GDA is also deeply involved in the organization/participation of science communication actions. In the last years, GDA maintained collaborations with other research groups (national and international), giving important contributions about the toxicity of different contaminants, mostly to model organisms.

Aquatic Ecotoxicology; Biochemical markers; Marine Pollution; Pharmaceutical drugs; Microplastics

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