CIMA tool part to the International Women's Day at the Geography Society

CIMA was represented by Maria João Bebianno and Cristina Veiga Pires (as well as representing the " Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve") at the Session organized by Ciência Viva in collaboration with the Academies of Sciences, Fine Arts and History and the Parliamentary Commission on Education and Science, on 8th March,  in the Geography Society, to celebrate International Women's Day.
M. J. Bebianno was one of the six invited scientists who took part to the book "Women in Science", launched one year ago, to testify about their scientific experience. In addition to the Secretary of State Dr. Fernanda Rollo were present all the members of the Commission chaired by Professor Alexandre Quintanilha, President of the Commission of Education and Science of the Assembly of the Republic.

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