Maria João Bebianno participated as a member of the Expert Group for the Evaluation of the Ocean State, last September

Maria João Bebianno, currently a member of the Expert Group for the Evaluation of the Ocean State, including socio-economic aspects of the United Nations known as the Regular Process, participated in Valletta, Malta. Professor Maria João attended a Workshop on the North Atlantic, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea region, organized by the Government of Malta. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the structure of the second State of the Ocean Assessment, as well as to identify the most internationally qualified experts from these regions to integrate this assessment into the different thematic areas on the Ocean.

According to the mandate of the United Nations, this evaluation should be completed by the end of 2020. During the Workshop, Professor Maria João Bebianno was mandated to make several interventions, one of which was to inform participants of the results of the Workshop on the Atlantic Ocean held at the Lisbon Oceanarium the previous year.

Directed the Working Group corresponding to Chapter 11 on changes in the introduction of the marine environment from land (including through groundwater), through effluents and atmosphere, from ships and offshore installations of:

(a) persistent organic pollutants (including the use of agricultural pesticides);

(b) metals;

(c) radioactive substances (including natural radioactive material);

(d) Personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals;

(e) Atmospheric pollutants (NOx (but not in its role as a nutrient) and SOx);

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