EurOcean 2019

EurOcean 2019

"The researcher from CIMA, Tainá Fonseca, was selected as one of the 10 best submissions of scientific posters, with her research entitled  “Toxic effects of anticancer pharmaceuticals in the marine environment: An invisible pollution”. She defended it with a 1-minute pitch presentation at the EurOCEAN 2019 Conference (11-12 June 2019), at the plenary of UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

EurOCEAN Conferences are major European marine science policy conferences. They provide a forum for the marine and maritime research community and wider stakeholders to interface with European and Member State policymakers and strategic planners, to consider, discuss and respond to new marine science and technology developments, challenges and opportunities.

At EurOCEAN 2019, the European Marine Board launched its flagship publication "Navigating the Future V". Navigating the Future V describes what marine science will look like in the future (2030 and beyond) and what are the needs to achieve this future. NFV will provide robust, independent scientific advice and expert opinion and be of increasing importance to societal wellbeing in decades to come."


Photos by: Damian Cook, European Marine Board.

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