Cima is on "Ciência 2018" with many interesting themes

CIMA participates actively with different themes on the meeting “Ciência 2018”, organized by Foundation to Science Technology and  (FCT) in collaboration with Nationatinal Agency of Scientific Culture and Parliament Commission of Education and Science and the institutional support of Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. This meeting has the base of the schedule 2030 of the United Nations Organization and the 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development (OSD) and it includes debates about many strategic challenges associated to OSD goals and about science and innovation that’s realized in Portugal.

In the meeting, CIMA will present many ways of communication in different sessions, namely in the session “The Belém Statement - Scientific Diplomacy in the Atlantic” where João Miguel Janeiro presents a communication named “AtlantOS Societal Benefit Pilot Actions”. The Belém Statement inserts itself on the initiative of MCTES on the AIR Centre launch.

On the range of the Industry, Innovation and Infrastructures themes and the areas of Oceans and Aeronautics, Cláudia Sequeira will present a communication named “Generate Sea’s Electricity”.

The session “Protect Marine Life” which is based on the objective of Sustentable Development 14 – Conserve and use the oceans, seas and marine resources in a sustentable way to a Sustentable Development – will be exposed by CIMA’s coordinator Maria João Bebianno and by Oporto CIMAR’s coordinator. In this session Nélia Mestre will present the results of the project “JPIOceans EPHEMARE” where CIMA participates in a communication named “Are microplastics accumulation sources of organic pollutants in marine organisms?”.

Lastly on the Climate Action in Portugal, Susana Costas Otero will present the communication “Coastal dunes in a changing climate”.

Besides the oral communications and the posters presented by the students that are developing their PhD on CIMA, CIMA will be present with two demonstrations too. One about renewable ocean power: “tidal turbine and biofuels from micro sea-weeds” and the other about “Autonomous submarine vehicle to the marine pollution study”.


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