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    Tainá Fonseca is a marine biologist and has a PhD (2019) in Environmental, Marine and Earth Sciences, with specialty in marine pollution and ecotoxicology. Her PhD research was devoted on studying the cytotoxic and biochemical responses of realistic concentrations of chemotherapeutic pharmaceuticals discharged into the marine environment on representative organisms from temperate and tropical coastal zones. 

    She has worked with a multidisciplinary approach involving ecotoxicology, biochemistry, conservation and coastal management, with the ultimate aim to evaluate the impacts caused by emerging contaminants (microplastics, pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles), and their mixtures, discharged into marine ecosystems. She is specialized in conducting in vivo and ex vivo bioassays to evaluate the biological responses on marine invertebrate species, namely polychaetes, mussels, clams, sea urchin and amphipods.

    The focus of her current research seeks to comprehend the environmental risks caused by trace concentrations of anticancer pharmaceuticals discharged into coastal zones and their modes of action towards non-target aquatic organisms and, ultimately, the consequences on human health afterwards seafood consumption. For this purpose, T. Fonseca applies as multi-biomarker approach, including the assessment of behavioural responses, oxidative stress, biotransformation, neurotoxicity, lipid peroxidation, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity in marine biological models, with particular interest in the benthic compartment.

    Also, she has strived to apply alternative in-vitro methods based on the use of marine and human cell lines, or isolated subcellular fractions in order to reduce the use of experimental organisms. T. Fonseca has taken part in national and international collaborations, including Brazil, France and Spain. She co-supervised one BSc (São Paulo State University – Unesp – Brazil) and two MSc thesis (University of Algarve - Portugal), working in biomedical and environmental issues, particularly related to the detrimental effects elicited by relevant concentrations of anticancer agents in the coastal ecosystems. 

    Until now (September 2019), Dr. T. Fonseca presented 13 posters and 15 oral communications. In addition, she published 11 articles (5 as first author) in international peer-reviewed journals, one book chapter (Springer), and participated in several research projects with EU and non-EU collaborations. She was granted with 3 international scholarships. 

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  • Publicações:


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