RISC-KIT: Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolkit

RISC-KIT (2013-2017) is an EU FP7 Collaborative project. RISC-KIT will develop methods, tools and management approaches to reduce risk and increase resilience to low-frequency, high-impact hydro-meteorological events in the coastal zone. These products will enhance forecasting, prediction and early warning capabilities, improve the assessment of long-term coastal risk and optimise the mix of prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures.
TITLE: Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolkit
INSTRUMENT: FP7 – Collaborative Project
TOTAL COST: 7,654,453 €
EC CONTRIBUTION: 5,999,692 €
DURATION: 42 months
START DATE: 01 November 2013
CONSORTIUM: 18 partners from 10 countries and 2 international organisations
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Dr. Ap van Dongeren, Stichting Deltares, The Netherlands
PROJECT WEB SITE: www.risckit.eu


KEY WORDS: Hazards, resilience, environment, storm surge, flash-flooding, coastal risk assessment, early-warning system, decision-support system, disaster risk-reduction, stakeholder participation, prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures, building trust and societal acceptance.