Kombiadou, Katerina

Kombiadou, Katerina
Post doc fellow
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Key Words: Sediment transport, Numerical modelling, Fine sediment dynamics, Oceanography

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  • Bio:


    My main research interests lie in the field of modelling fine sediment transport in coastal/shelf areas, sediment-hydro dynamics’ interactions and coastal circulation. In the framework of my doctoral thesis I studied the physical processes that control the fate of fine sediments in the marine environment, processes that were included in a comprehensive mathematical model. After successfully completing my PhD, I received a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation in the context of extending the modelling framework of my thesis towards the formulation of a coupled circulation-sediment transport model. I also had the opportunity of working as a postdoctoral researcher in IFREMER regarding the coupling of sediment dynamics’ and ecosystem models to investigate the impacts of extreme hydro-meteorological conditions on the sea-grass dynamics of the Arcachon Basin, in France. Recently, I have also participated in scientific projects related with storm surge variability under climate change conditions and coastal circulation prognosis.

    As of September 2016, I am a postdoctoral researcher at CIMA, working on the projects: 'ENLACE' and ‘EVREST’.

  • Interesses:


    Sediment transport modelling

    Coastal evolution


    Resilience theories

  • Publicações:


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  • Projetos:


    Exploring New approaches to simuLAte long-term Coastal Evolution (ENLACE) 

    EVREST: Evolution and Resilience of Barrier Island Systems