Carrasco, A. Rita

Assistant Researcher
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Key Words: coastal geomorphology, coastal management, climate change, ecosystem services

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  • Bio:

    A. Rita Carrasco is a postdoc researcher interested in coastal geomorphology, the impacts of sea-level rise on a range of settings and climate change adaptation at coastal zones.  Her research interests all hinge around physical and ecological interactions in the coastal zone. She was involved in several international and national scientific projects (e.g. BERNA project, SPACE project, RUSH project, EVREST project, etc), covering a wide range of scientific topics such as beach morphodynamics, estuarine evolution, inlet dynamics, storm impacts, and wave modelling. The current investigation seeks to understand long-term and large-scale evolution (and resilience) of coastal lagoons and fetch-limited environments.


  • Interesses:

    My current research interests are coastal geomorphology, coastal management and ecosystem approaches. Current research is on global change and sea-level rise effects on coastal lagoons, and the use of numerical modelling as a useful tool to predict those morphological effects

    Furthermore, my research is also devoted to understanding the changeability of ecosystem present in coastal lagoons. I want to explore the concept of time and space variability, by detailing the role of human interventions, sediment dynamics, and the impacts sea-level rise, in attempt to up-scale from local measurements to scales relevant for conservation.

  • Informação adicional: ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8980-0068
  • Publicações:


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  • Projetos:


    Member of the team: Conserving the Barrier Islands in Algarve to protect priority species and habitats - LIFE18 NAT/PT/000927 LIFE Ilhas Barreira, 1,681,939 €. Pi: SPEA, 2019 to present.

    Member of the team:  EW-COAST - Early warning system for coastal risks induced by storms (Ref. 28657). 237.393,36€. PI: Óscar Ferreira (FCT, CIMA, University of Algarve), 2018 to present.

    Member of the team: ENLACE - Exploring New approaches to simuLAte long-term Coastal Evolution (Ref. 28949 FEDER). 230 877.12 €. PI: Susana Costas (CIMA/University of Algarve), 2018 to present.


    Member of the team: EVREST project – Evolution and resilience of barrier island systems (PTDC/MAREST/1031/2014). 157,188€, PI: Ana Matias (CIMA/UAlg, Portugal). Concluded

    Member of the team:  RUSH Project - From runup to overwash (PTDC/CTE-GIX/116814/2010), 105,000€, PI: Ana Matias (CIMA/UAlg, Portugal). Concluded

    Member of the team: SPACE Project – A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic model development and validation, for Coastal Engineering applications (PTDC/ECM/114109/2009), 127,787€, PI: Teresa Reis (LNEC, Portugal). Concluded

    Member of the team: BERNA PROJECT – Beach Evolution in Areas of Restricted Fetch: Experimental and Numerical Analysis (POCTI/CTA/45431/2002), €80,000, PI: Paula Freire (LNEC, Portugal). Concluded

    Member of the team: IDEM Project - Inlet Dynamics Evolution and Management at the Ria Formosa (POCI/MAR/56533/2004), €82,800, PI: Óscar Ferreira  (CIMA/UAlg, Portugal). Concluded




    Member of the team: Avaliação da estabilidade sedimentar da praia de Faro. Funding Agency: Câmara Municiapl de Faro 8610€. PI: Susana Costas (CIMA/University of Algarve). 2019 to present.

    Member of the team: Proposta técnica em resposta ao concurso público internacional para a elaboração do plano intermunicipal de: Adaptação às alterações climáticas da AMAL. 343000€. PI: Luis Dias (University of Lisbon). Concluded