CIMA collaborates with CRIA for the promotion of innovations and knowledge transfer into economic value. The CIMA researchers are pro-active on engaging with the industrial and business partners, and can offer specialized services for R&D and/or co-promote projects enhancing existing scientific and technological competences.
Ar Diagnostic
Air Diagnostic is a spin-off of the University of Algarve created in 2006 by a researcher from CIMA, whose main areas of activity is environmental monitoring parameters, focusing in particular air quality inside buildings, levels of comfort, air quality and water quality. Composed by a team with extensive experience in public health, quality systems and environmental analysis Air Diagnostic features a wide range of services to various sectors of activity  (more info)



AquaExam, Lda
AquaExam is a spin-off of the CIMA founded in 2009 that provides technical assistance to companies owning water systems, monitoring and diagnosis of masses of natural and artificial water.
Main services: Quantification / Identification / biovolumes of phytoplankton; Quantification / identification of phytobenthos (diatoms); Determination of indices of ecological assessment in streams, Through OMNIDIA program (CEMAGREF); Identification of bacteria and microfauna in WWTPs; Calculation of Indices of Biotic mud (Madoni, 1994)  (more info)
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Caviar Portugal
Portugal Caviar (Acipenser Lda.) Is a spin-off from the University of the Algarve, created in 2012 by a researcher from CIMA. Focused on the development and implementation of a system of aquaculture for the production of caviar from sturgeon species from the Caspian Sea, this innovative company puts its emphasis on sustainability and products labeled BIO developing a solid project that combine renewable energy , hydroponic and RAS systems of last generation. The company also provides R & D services in aquaculture.  (more info)
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