Sampath, Ruwan

post-doctoral researcher
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Key Words: Sea-level rise and storm surge impacts;  Hybrid coastal modelling; Long-term coastal evolution; Coastal zone management

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    Ruwan Sampath Dissanayale Mudiyanselage

    Ruwan Sampath is an invited post-doctoral researcher at CIMA, University of Algarve. He has a PhD in Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences with a speciality in the dynamics of the littoral zone. He also has a BSc (Civil Engineering) and an MSc (Environmental and Water
    Engineering) from the University of Peradeniya, as well as an MSc (Water and Coastal Management) jointly from the University of Plymouth, and the University of Algarve. His research interests span three areas of coastal zone dynamics: 1) modelling long-term evolution of transitional coastal systems like estuaries and lagoons in response to natural forcing and human interventions; 2) assessment of impacts of morphological evolution in coastal systems in response to natural and human forcings; and 3) management of impacts of coastal hazards like storms and sea-level rise. At present, he is involved with two projects; one involves applying his Hybrid Estuarine Sedimentation Model to the Ria Formosa lagoon and barrier island system in order to simulate their evolution during the Holocene, whereas the other entails predicting the coastline evolution of the Algarve region according to predicted SLR for the 21st century. He has published several research papers in peer-reviewed national and international journals. He also has teaching experience in Master and doctoral degree programs at the University of Algarve and University of Cadiz.