Palma, Patrícia

Adjunct Professor
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Key Words: Environmental risk assessment, ecotoxicology, pesticides, surface waters

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    Patrícia Alexandra Dias Brito Palma

    Patricia Palma has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (FFUC, 2009). She is Associate Professor of the Institute Polytechnic of Beja (Department of Technology and Applied Sciences). Since 2009, she is member of the technical and scientific committee of Environmental Engineering Course. Her scientific activities are developed in the field of environmental risk assessment and ecotoxicological methods applied to different environmental compartments, mainly in the aquatic. In this context, since 2006, she has used ecotoxicological models in the evaluation of the toxic potential of environmental stressors and emergent substances, such as pesticides and metals at reservoirs in the southern of Portugal. She published 27 articles in journals of the specialty and presented over 50 papers at international conferences.