Taina Garcia da Fonseca and Maria João Bebianno participated in Porto at the 31st Congress of the European Society of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry organized by CIMAR and Taina Fonseca presented a communication entitled COMPARATIVE EFFECTS OF THE IMPACT OF IN VIVO AND IN VITRO EXPOSURE OF HUMAN CELLS AND MARINE ORGANISMS TO TAMOXIFEN by Tainá Fonseca; Tânia Carriço, Elna Fernandes; Nélia Mestre; Denis Moledo Abessa.

Maria João Bebianno and Álvaro Tavares, in collaboration with the CESAM Group of the University of Aveiro, presented another communication entitled IMPACT OF MULTIPLE STRESSORS ON THE PROTEOME OF C. ANGOLA AND C. GIGAS by Anthony Moreira; Etelvina Figueira; Amadeu Soares; Rosa Freitas; Maria João Bebianno.

In addition to these papers, M. J. Bebianno, who was also a member of the Scientific Committee of the meeting, moderated the session Climate Changes and Anthropogenic Stressors