Matias, Ana

Principal invited researcher (IF-FCT)
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Key Words: Sediment dynamics, storm impacts, barrier island evolution, dune vulnerability

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    Ana Margarida Almeida Matias

    A. Matias is an Invited Post-Doctoral Researcher at CIMA, University of Algarve. She has a Geology Degree, an MSc degree in Coastal and Marine Studies and a PhD in Marine Geology. A. Matias has been interested in storm impacts on the coast, specifically overwash. Her overwash research has conducted to unique results obtained both from fieldwork and laboratory experiences. She participated in 21 national and European research projects that cover a wide range of coastal topics such as storm impacts, dune vulnerability, inlet dynamics, wave modelling, shore platforms dynamics, and equipment technical developments. A. Matias is PI of RUSH project (PTDC/CTE-GIX/116814/2010) and work-package leader of the overwash experiments of BARDEX II project (European Community’s 7th Framework Programme, HYDRALAB IV). Details on A. Matias research can be found in c. 30 papers published in international journals, such as J. Coastal Research, Marine Geology, Coastal Engineering, Geomorphology.