Gomes, Ana Isabel

Post doc fellow
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Key Words: Geologia do Quaternário, sedimentologia, diatomáceas

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    Ana Isabel de Sousa Horta Dias Gomes
    Building on her background in Biology and Geology, her PhD was the first attempt to use diatoms to track past climate changes in Southern Portugal and has thus far resulted in several publications in collaboration with several international universities. She was also involved in several projects with multiproxy, interdisciplinary approaches, each of which have a component of collaboration with industry, policy-makers and governmental institutions. Her research experience includes field and laboratory techniques, diatom identification and ecology, chrysophyte cyst counting, description of new estuarine diatom species and genera, statistical analysis, stratigraphic descriptions, sedimentary facies interpretation, development of a diatom-based transfer function and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Additionally, she has experience in science divulgation to the general public and teaching.