Garel, Erwan

Principal invited researcher (IF-FCT)
Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA)
University of Algarve (Faro), Campus de Gambelas, Building 7, Office 1.88

Key words: Coastal dynamics; Transitional Systems; Coastal Oceanography; Environmental Monitoring

Additional Info

  • Bio:

    Erwan Garel obtained his PhD in Marine Geosciences at the European University Institute for the Sea (Brest, France) in 2001. After 2 years (2001-2003) of teaching Geology at French Universities (Brest and Le Mans), he was a postdoc fellow (2003-2006) at the National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton (UK). In 2007, E. Garel was employed as a Marine Geologist at the Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University (Germany). In 2008-2015, E. Garel joined CIMA (Algarve University) as a post-doc fellow. In 2015, he was contracted as an Invited Principal Research Scientist (FCT-Investigador) to develop a 5 years research program about estuarine eco-hydrodynamics at CIMA. Since 2016, he is a member of CIMA steering committee.

  • Interests:


    Throughout his career, Erwan Garel has carried out observational studies related to hydrodynamics and sediment transport in various coastal areas. 

  • Activities:


    Coastal circulation

    This research is devoted to the water circulation at the extremity of Eastern boundary coastal upwelling systems, in particular the Northern Shelf of the Gulf of Cadiz. 

    This activity is supported by multiyear (2008-now) ADCP data collected at 5 stations along the South Portuguese coast (20 m water depth), in collaboration with CCMAR and IPMA.


    The dynamics of narrow estuaries

    This research line is mainly conducted at the Guadiana Estuary, where he studies the tidal dynamics and exchange flow processes between the estuarine system and the adjacent sea.

    This activity is supported by long-term (2008-now) current and water monitoring at the Guadiana Estuary (SIMPATICO buoy). 


    Morphodynamics of ebb-tidal deltas

    This research line specifically addressest the growth of ebb-tidal deltas towards equilibrium and the associated bypassing processes.

    This activitiy is supported by yearly bathymetric surveys of the Guadiana ebb-tidal delta (2014-now).

  • Additional Information: ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4584-9759 ResearcherID: N-9811-2014
  • Publications:



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  • Projects:


    - “ECO-SUD”: integrated sea-land neo-tectonic study of the active Chile ridge subduction, (co-funded France-Chili, 1998-1999)

    - Collaboration with the French “Institut National des Sciences de l´Univers” (INSU) on the project "Banque de données Dorsales": compilation of geophysical data upon oceanic ridges, for diffusion to the scientific community, 1999

    - "EUMARSAND": Environmental impacts of marine aggregates dredging: hydro- sediment dynamics impacts of marine sand and gravel dredging (EU-funded Research Training Network, 2003-2006)

    - Collaboration with AZTI-Tecnalia (Spain): Morphological evolution of San Sebastian beach (Funded by San Sebastian Municipality, 2004)

    - Collaboration with AZTI-Tecnalia and the University of Basque Country (Spain): Morphodynamics of the Oka Estuary, Spain (Unesco-funded, 2005)

    - Calibration of hydrodynamic and sediment transport models (funded by National Institute for Space Research, INPE, Brazil, 2006-2007).

    - "NITROLINKS": Loading into the Ria Formosa through Coastal Groundwater Discharge - Pathways, turnover and links between land and sea in the Coastal Zone (FCT-funded, 2006-2009)

    - "DETI": Dynamics of ephemeral tidal inlets (FCT-funded, 2006-2009)

    - "BAYBEACH": Evolution and Management of Embayed Beaches in Contrasting Environments (FCT-funded 2006-2009)

    - "BRISA": Breaking waves interaction with sand transport (FCT-funded 2006-2009)

    - "SPICOSA": Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment (EU-funded 2007-2010)

    - "MICORE": Morphological impacts and coastal risks induced by extreme storm events (EU-funded, 2008-2011)

    - "MARINA": Marine Renewable Integrated Application Platform; Environmental impacts of marine renewable energy platforms (EU-funded, 2010-2014)

    - "SHORE": Shoreface morphodynamics: an integrated approach (FCT-funded PTDC/MAR-EST/3485/2012)

    - "SCORE" Sustainability of using Ria Formosa Currents On Renewable Energy production (funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology FCT - PTDC/AAG-TEC/1710/2014) - started on 1st July 2016

    - “Hydrodynamics of floods in narrow estuaries”, funded by the FCT Investigador programme (IF/00661/2014/CP1234), July 2015- June 2020.