Observations at various time-scales are required for the description and understanding of the marine and coastal environments. Through strong regional implementation, CIMA is involved in various data acquisition activities linked to the coastal systems in the Algarve and beyond! The collected data are used to develop relevant fundamental research projects and are made available to the Society.

Examples of data products:

SIMPATICO: water quality and current monitoring in a station at the Guadiana Estuary

IBAMSED: The Iberian Atlantic Margin Sediments Database

INLETS-D: Bathymetric and current velocity data at the six tidal inlets of Ria Formosa (Ancão, Faro-Olhão, Armona, Fuseta, Tavira and Lacém)

SIPCLIP: 3D cave visualisation

IGMETS: Monitoring programme at the upper Guadiana estuary (1996-2010), focusing on phytoplankton composition, abundance and biomass, nutrient and light availability

FORAMIX: Compilation of benthic foraminiferal data from the northern Gulf of Cadiz continental shelf

GUADELTA: Bathymetric data compilation of the Guadiana ebb-delta