CIMA Mission

CIMA mission is to promote scientific knowledge and innovation in marine and environmental areas to ensure sustainable, integrated and smart development in line with the EU priority investigation themes for 2020, related to “Climatic action, sustainable ecosystems and environmental resources”.

To achieve its mission, CIMA aims at enhancing efficient usage of terrestrial, coastal and marine (including deep sea) ecosystems to promote sustainable economic development, job creation and social cohesion. Another important objective of CIMA is to contribute to the understanding, prevention and mitigation of regional and global changes and associated natural risks. This task involves not only scientific expertise, but also the ability to transmit knowledge to the society and to boost economy.

In 2012-2017, CIMA objectives were addressed through  4 nodes, which were overarching thematic research areas integrating specific tasks and activities.

CIMA is presently adopting a new internal organization around two main research domains: