Bebianno, Maria João

Full Professor | CIMA Director
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Key Words: Marine pollution, marine ecotoxicology, pollution effects on aquatic organisms, emerging pollutants

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  • Bio:

    Maria João Bebianno got a degree of Chemical Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon) and a PhD at the University of Reading (U.K.). She is at present full professor at University of Algarve. She was pioneer in Portugal in the field of marine contamination and ecotoxicology. Before joining the University of Algarve she worked for the National Commission for the Azores Acoustic Fixed Range (AFAR) and for the National Institute for Fisheries Research (present IPMA). At the international level she integrated the Portuguese delegation that negotiated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is currently a member of the Group of Experts on the Regular Process for the Evaluation of the State of the Marine Environment including the Socio-Economic Commission of the United Nations. She was a member of the Portuguese Delegation to the Oslo Convention and Paris Convention (now called OSPAR) and the Barcelona Convention, ​​the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Commission (IOC). She has published >190 papers author of several book chapters and editor of several books and participated in several national and international projects. She has supervised more than 24 PhDs some of which co-supervised by colleagues from other EU countries, Brazil and Tunisia, as well as, several Pos-docs some of them from other EU countries. She has participated in more than 100 PhD vivas in other Portuguese, EU (France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and U.K.) and Australia Universities. She has participated in several academic evaluation boards, (aggregation, PhD and MSc) in Portugal and abroad (Australia, France, Spain, Ireland and the United Kingdom) as well as progression of competitions in the university career and research in Portugal and abroad (France and Hong Kong). She has developed collaborative research with teams from several universities and research centres of the EU (Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, UK, and Finland) and non-EU countries (Brazil, Cape Verde and China). She developed research at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (USA), at the City University of Hong Kong, at the University of Sophie-Antipolis (NICE) and at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brasil). Her research work is being developed at the Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) of the University of Algarve where she is coordinator since 2016 and leads the Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry Group. Dr. Maria Bebianno research focused on the effects of organic and inorganic “old” and emerging contaminants (personnel care products, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials and microplastics) on aquatic organisms from coastal areas to the deep-sea. The team has also enrolled in proteomic research applied to Ecotoxicology. She has been responsible for several research projects funded at national and European level by the European Union. She is a member of several professional societies (Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa, Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, SETAC, SECOTOX, SICTA) and presently she is the President of the Portuguese Association of Women Scientists-AMONET and participates as alternate in the European Platform of Women in Science (EPWS).

  • Additional Information: ORCID number 0000-0003-1492-8566
  • Publications:

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  • Projects:

    EPHEMARE – Ecotoxicicological effects of microplastics in marine ecosystems - JPIOceans/005/2015


    MIDAS -Managing Impacts of Deep-seA reSource exploration – EU FP7


    DEEPFUN - Biodiversidade e funcionamento do campo hidrotermal de profundidade Menez Gwen- um contributo para políticas de gestão PTDC/MAR/111749/2009


    NANOECOTOX – Impacts of metal nanoparticles to aquatic ecosystems: from community responses to cellular targets (FCT PTDC/AAC- AMB /121650/2010)


    ENDOCRINBIOTOX - Study of the presence of endocrine disruptors and of his toxic effects in marshes and aquatic ecosystems of the cross-border region of South west of Spain and Portugal - RISE subproject.Ref: POCTEC-0042-RISE-5E.


    FARMACOTOX - Study of the presence of drugs: diagnostics, effects and risk in the marshes and aquatic ecosystems of the cross-border region of the southwest of Spain and Portugal- RISE Subproject.Ref: POCTEC-0042-RISE-5E