Projecto ALGARED

ALGARED - Establishment of a network for the development of innovative products with microALGAe
Project Budget: 2 230 497,14 €
UAlg Budjet: 485 412,25 €
Partners: 9
Start date: 1 june 2017
Duration: 30 months
Project website:
ALGARED + is a network of excellence, constituted under the operational program EP-INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) and formed by universities, research centers, public and private companies in the aquaculture sector, biomedicine and microalgae production, located on the border of these two countries. The objective of this network is the implementation of a strategy in the Spanish-Portuguese border that promotes research and technological development in the area of microalgae biotechnology and its use in health, cosmetics and aquaculture.
This project will be carried out in the Algarve / Western Andalusia, cross-border area an area heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, home to ecosystems of great richness and biodiversity that can form a framework for important economic activities of great strategic importance, such as aquaculture and ficoculture.
These activities have a high potential for innovation, and can be a source of wealth still unexplored as substances of pharmacological and cosmetic interest. The project is articulated in 6 Activities, aimed at bioprospecting, isolation and valorisation of new microalgal strains, in addition to contemplating measures of coordination among the participants and communication to the business community and society in general.
The CIMA researchers involved in ALGARED are Sara Raposo and Raúl Barros.