Cristina, Sónia

Post doc fellow
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Key Words: ocean colour remote sensing, water and coastal management, water quality.

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  • Bio:

    Sónia Claúdia Vitorino Cristina

    Sónia have a background in Oceanography, a international master in water and coastal management (WACOMA) and a PhD in marine and coastal management (MACOMA), specializing on remote sensing of ocean colour. Her research has been related to the optical properties of the seawater, on the validation of ocean colour sensors and in water quality. She have worked in 2 European Space Agency (ESA) and 4 European projects. She have disseminate her work in several peer review papers, conferences and posters presentations. On-going research is devoted on the application of satellite data to monitor coastal and oceanic waters.

  • Interests:

    • Ocean colour and sea surface temperature remote sensing;
    • Validation of ocean colour sensors (e.g. MERIS on Envisat and OLCI on Sentinel-3);
    • Coastal and marine management;
    • Marine policies (e.g. Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC));
    • Water quality;
    • Time series analysis of radiometric and oceanographic data;
    • application of remote sensing to suport Blue Economy;
    • application of remote sensing to monitor coastal lagoons.

  • Additional Information: ORCID:0000-0002-5716-9750
  • Publications:

    Peer Review papers

    · Newton, A., Brito, A.C., Icely, J.D., Derolez, V. Clara, I., Angus, S., Schernewski, G., Inácio, M., Lillebø, A.I., Sousa, A.I., Béjaoui, B., Solidoro, C., Tosic. M., Cañedo-Argüelles, M., Yamamuro, M., Reizopoulou, S., Tseng, H-C., Donata, C., Roselli, L., Maanan, M., Cristina, S., Ruiz-Fernández, A.C., Lima, R., Kjerfve, B., Rubio-Cisneros, N., Ruzafa, A.P., Marcos, C., Pastres, R., Pranovi, F., Snoussi, M., Turpie, J., Tuchkovenko, Y., Dyack, B., Brookes, J., Povilanskas, R., Khokhlov, V. 2018. Assessing, quantifying and valuing the ecosystem services of coastal lagoons. Journal for Nature Conservation. (Impact Factor: 1.657)

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    · Goela, P.G., Cristina, S., Kajiyama, T., Icely, J., Moore, G., Fragoso, B. and Newton, A., 2016. Algal Pigment Index 2 in the Atlantic off the Southwest Iberian Peninsula: standard and regional algorithms, Ocean Science Discussions, Doi:10.5194/os-2016-41, accepted for Ocean Science, 12, 1279-1288. Doi:10.5194/os-12-1279-2016 (Impact Factor: 2.985).

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    · Cristina, S., Cordeiro, C., Lavender, S., Goela, P.G., Icely, J., Moore, G., Newton, A. 2016. MERIS Phytoplankton Time Series Products from the SW Iberian Peninsula (Sagres) Using Seasonal-Trend Decomposition Based on Loess, 8(6), 449, doi:10.3390/rs8060449 (Impact Factor: 3.036).

    · Cristina, S., D'Alimonte, D., Goela, P.G., Kajiyama, T., Icely, J., Moore, G., Fragoso, B.D.D., Newton, A., 2016. Standard and Regional Bio-optical Algorithms for Chlorophyll a Estimates in the Atlantic off the Southwestern Iberian Peninsula. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE, 13, 6, 757-761, DOI:10.1109/LGRS.2016.2529182 (Impact Factor: 2.228).

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    · Cristina, S., Moore, G. F., Goela, P.R.F.C., Icely, J.D., Newton, A., 2014. In situ validation of MERIS marine reflectance off the southwest Iberian Peninsula: assessment of vicarious adjustment and corrections for near-land adjacency. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35(6), 2347-2377 (Impact Factor: 1.640).

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    Publications in scientific meetings​

    · Icely, J.D., Cordeiro, C., Cristina, S., Lavender, S., Goela, P., Newton, A., 2016. Temporal Variability in MERIS water constituents modelled by STL decomposition in SW Iberian Peninsula: Sagres. Proceedings of the ESA Living Planet Symposium, SP-740, Prague, Czech Republic from 9-13 May 2016, ISSN: 03796566 ISBN: 978-929221305-3.

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    · Suslin, V.,V.; Tolkachenko, G., A.; Cristina, S. 2009. Quality of the standard atmospheric products from the SeaWiFS and MODIS sensors over the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Current Problems in Optics of Natural Waters: 5th - International Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia - 8-12 September2009. 317-321.




  • Projects:


    2016 – Present - CERES – Climate change and European aquatic RESources, (funded by H2020- Project no 678193);

    2015 – 2018 - AquaSpace - Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture (funded by H2020 – Project nº 633476);

    2013 – 2016 - AQUA-USERS - Aquaculture Users Driven Operational Remote Sensing Information Services, (funded by EU-FP7 Project no 607325);

    2012 – 2016 - MERIS 4th Reprocessing, between Sagremarisco and European Space Agency (funded by Contract nº ARG/003-025/1406/SAGREMARISCO);

    2012 – 2016- DEVOTES – DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status, (funded by EU-FP7);

    2008 – present - Technical Assistance for the Validation of MERIS marine products at Portuguese oceanic and coastal site (funded by European Space Agency (ESA) contract nº ESRIN/RFQ/3-122231/07/I-OL);

    2006 – 2009 - RECITAL - Reference Conditions and Intercalibration of the Portuguese Transitional and Coastal Waters (funded by INAG Water Institute).

    2005- 2006 – ECASA - Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Aquaculture (funded by the EU FP6).