Ongoing and Recent Projects

ALGARED - Establishment of a network for the development of innovative products with microALGAe (+info)

ALOP - Sistemas de observação, previsão e alerta na atmosfera e em reservatórios de água do Alentejo (+ info)

AMBERIA- Iberian Amber: An Exceptional Record of Cretaceous Forests at the Rise of Modern Terrestrial Ecosystems (+ info)

AquaSpace - Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture  (+info)

AQUA-USERS - Aquaculture Users Driven Operational Remote Sensing Information Services (+ info)

ATLANTOS - Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System (+Info)

CERES - Climate Change and European aquatic Resources (+ info

CGL2015-69919-R - Factors determining the geomorphological record of sea level changes in the Mediterranean-Central Atlantic during the Quaternary (+ info)

COST Action TD1407: NOTICE - Network On Technology-Critical Elements: From Environmental Processes To Human Health Threats (+Info)

EPHEMARE - Ecotoxicological effects of microplastics in marine ecosystems (+Info)

EVREST - Evolution and resilience of barrier islands (+info)

HYDROREUSE - Tratamento e reutilização de águas residuais agroindustriais utilizando um sistema hidropónico inovador com plantas de tomate (+info)

IMPETUS - Improving current barriers for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants (+ info)

LIFE Charcos - Conservation of Temporary Ponds in the Southwest Coast of Portugal (+info)

LIFE_NO_WASTE - Management of biomass ash and organic waste in the recovery of degraded soils: a pilot project set in Portugal 

MILAGE - Interactive Mathematics by implementing a Blended-Learning model with Augmented Reality and Game books (+ info)

NEARCONTROL- NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics (+Info)

OCASO - Observatório Costeiro Ambiental do SudOeste/ Coastal Environmental Observatory of the Southwest (+ info)

OPTICA - Optimisation of Tidal energy Converter Arrays (+Info)

PS-UALG/Novacortiça - Estudos com vista à aglomeração biológica de granulados de cortiça

PAMs Inovação - Novos produtos em sistemas extensivos

POLYWOOD - Marine trail for experimental treatment of softwood timber

RESMAP - Remote Sensing Monitoring of the Atlantic off Portugal (+Info)

SagValOCPort - Sagres Validation Ocean Colour Portugal for OLCI on Sentinel 3

SCORE - Sustainability of using Ria Formosa Currents On Renewable Energy production (+Info)

SOPHIA - Knowledge for marine environmental management

SPOOLs- Sustainable Pools (CRESC I&DT nº 017718)

UBEST - Understanding the biogeochemical buffering capacity of estuaries relative to climate change and anthropogenic inputs (+ Info)

VISTA - Impacts of drilling mud and drill cuttings on sediment-water biogeochemical fluxes, oxygen regime and benthic communities