Exercise to combat the pollution of the sea "Atlantic POLEX.PT 17"

The Center of Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) of the University of Algarve collaborated in the "Pollution of the Sea" exercise, promoted by the Serviço do Combate à Poluição do Mar (SCPM) of the Direção-geral da Autoridade Marítima (DGAM) that took place on October 18 and 19, 2017 in Vila Real de Santo António.

In this exercise, CIMA researchers, Flávio Martins and João Janeiro presented a lecture on the various projects developed by the CIMA in this area as well as the technologies used in the exercise. In the exercise itself, CIMA held the position of technical advisor to the command, using mathematical models to predict the evolution of oil spills, in support of the operations command center, as well as the launching of drifting buoys to monitor the evolution of the spot of a hypothetical accident. The images show several phases of the operation as well as results of the mathematical models used. The work of mathematical forecasting falls within the scope of the OCASO Projects (GA 0223_OCASO_5_E) and AtlantOS (GA633211-H2020-BG-2014-2015).

The students of Marine Biology, Marine and Coastal Management and the Master in Marine and Coastal Systems were present in the exercise with the Professors Maria João Bebianno and Luisa Barreira.

The Marine Pollution Control Exercise was also attended by several entities: the University of the Algarve (CIMA, CCMAr and FCT), VRSA Municipal Council (CM VRSA), Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC VRSA), Voluntary Fire (VRSA), VRSA Port Authority (CP VRSA), Southern Maritime Department (DMS), DOCAPESCA Portos e Lotas, SA (DOCAPESCA), Marina de VRSA, besides the General Directorate of the Maritime Authority-Combat Service to Marine Pollution (DGAM-SCPM).