Ferreira, Carlos Loureiro

Post doc fellow
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Key Words: Beach morphodynamics, Coastal geomorphology, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing

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    Carlos Loureiro Ferreira
     I was born in a small coastal village in the north of Portugal, so I have grown experiencing a bit and admiring a lot the full force of the North Atlantic Ocean. Following a natural interest for environmental studies, I have taken Physical Geography at University of Coimbra (2003), during which I decided that coastal and marine research would be my thing. After working in a few coastal related research projects at the University of Algarve and doing a post-graduation in Marine and Coastal Studies, I pursued a PhD in Coastal Geomorphology (2012). My doctoral research, developed in collaboration between Algarve and Ulster Universities, was aimed at studying the rugged coastline of southwestern Portugal, particularly focused on improving the present knowledge of embayed beach morphodynamics. The work in beach morphodynamics is now being further developed, and my current research is aimed at understanding embayment response to storms in energetic environments, particularly along the coasts of Portugal, Northern Ireland and Eastern South Africa. This is being developed in collaboration with a team from Algarve, Ulster and KwaZulu-Natal Universities. Frequently, when I am not in the office I can be found running, sometimes in circles, most of the times along a beach.